The average teenager

Sunday, October 08, 2006


i have nothing to say.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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those be my homies...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

my second family

Monday, June 12, 2006

12 on 12 on time!! 12 on 12 is on time....for once!

9:00: too early for me to think about anything

9:15: entered the office for a hard days work of laziness

9:45: i hear my stomach grumble and decided to make muffins! betty crocker jr

10:15: PJ was whinning (like usual) so i decided to play with him as I waited for breakfast to finish.

11:30: i decided to take a break from whatever laziness i was doing and kill my brother in ping pong. yes, i dominated.

11:45: when the ball was knocked off the table, i noticed this little fella under the table. we named him saul the salamander. he looked dead because he wasnt moving a whole lot.

11:45: my worthy opponent wanted a rematch. best out of 3. the final score? 2-1 me.

12:30: never again will all my clothes be clean at the same time. will until school starts up again. (in 7 weeks...)

1:30: a break from the fascinating life of laundry to watch Highschool Musical.

2:00: i got bored 30 minutes into it, so i decided to get my butt handed to me in risk by my ping pong opponent.

3:00: after that awful game...we played another, so i could hand jonathan his butt in monopoly...which i did.

7:30: the amazing dinner of macaroni and cheese!! yum. my food suppyl in college..


10:00 am

The phone would not stop ringing today. This phone call was from a nice lady at church asking me help at the blood drive next Sunday.

Not many exciting things occured today....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

im ready

all i have to say at the moment is that:

~i found you, ms new booty!

~and that my house is quiet once again. my lovely family is gone. =/

Friday, May 26, 2006

for summer

schooooolllllssss out fo' summer!

yep. thats right kids. schools out. last painful day of teachers who dont care. my spanish teacher doesnt really know how much everything is weighted so everyone in our class finished off the year with a C. great.

seeing as i am the honorary magnet member (aka: they might as well consider me in magnet accroding to a certain group of persons) i was invited to the sophomore schools-out-lets-go-chill-out-before-everyone-goes-on-vacation get together. a trip to the sandwhich factory then to the movies to see x-men 3. yes well, i said no, because its so much better to see it with my pimo UNCLE! yep. we're going to see that sometime later this evening.

so the drafts of cubans are slowly arriving for vickys graduation. i think there is one more batch on its way and that completes it.

graduation? yeah..its tommorow morning and im supposed to sing. i probably wont be able to sing. vicky is graduating. im happy...and happy for her and the rest of my seniors. after tommorow they start their lives and i wish them the very bust of luck on their endeavors.

what am i not excited about? my sister is leaving me behind. best room mate. i suppose i can convince my parents in making a bed for the dog in my room.

no need to be sad of course, she's starting over at ga tech. making new friends.

we will, of course, always be gangstas..

i love you vicky

Monday, May 22, 2006

the fabulous fox

anyone in rockdale county going to see beauty and the beast at teh fox in september? no?

thats what i thought...

this county has had their fill of beauty and the beast.

im just sayin..