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Thursday, April 13, 2006

a melody softly flowing

and so, another week to put down in the books to bring us one week closer to summer.

this time change is killing me, because it makes practice seem about 3 hours longer than what it is. before, i would use the sun as my watch. when it would start to get dark, i knew practice was almost over. now, the sun seems to just stay in place. the water hose went crazy on me this afternoon when i went to fill up our cooler. i turned it one way, and nothing happened, i turned it the other way...and water went all over me. it being 100 degrees outside, i was in a white t-shirt, of course.

the lacrosse season ends this week. monday is our last away game, and wednesday is senior night. friday we have a make up game against st pius, which im hoping is in the stadium, and not at bonar park. even though its a smaller, and the grass might be a lot easier to pick up on, its just a junkier field.

wish us luck with our remaing games...we can pull another win.


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