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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the vents of Cubans

One of my few Cuban friends sent me an email and I thought it was worthy enough to be enclosed into my blog:

He's a Viet-Nam veteran, who was badly hurt in combat during an air strike mission. He's now a retired captain of the U.S. Air Force.

Why I abhor the terms "latino" and "hispanic"

I need to clarify a few things regarding the recent protests by "latinos" or "hispanics" throughout the US. First, there is no such thing as a "latino" race. There is no such thingas a "hispanic" race. Both terms are contrived and used solely for census purposes. There is no such country as "Latinolandia", and "Hispaniola" is technically half of an island in the Caribbean.

Second, I am not nor will I ever be part of "La Raza." Nor do I agree or support their current protests. Some of you may, but I do not.

Third, I have never and will never, despite having many issues with the government of the United States throughout the years, burn a flag of the United States of America. I am Cuban by birth, American by the grace of God. And a darned proud, dignified, thankful and respectful American.

Fourth, while I certainly sympathize with the Mexican people for their country's economic and social troubles, I refuse to be lumped together as a class or a race simply because we speak a similar language. If Mexicans and Mexican-Americans had wanted my support, then they should have supported the cause of a free and democratic Cuba, instead of the majority and at times the Mexican government having sided with and legitimizing the government of Fidel Castro.

Fifth, there is a difference between a Cuban living in the United Statesand a Mexican living in the United States. One is a political refugee and the other is an immigrant, respectively. When Mexicans are being oppressed and have their basic human rights trampeled by their government as Cubans do, then perhaps my opinion will change, until then, the aforementioned difference stands. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans may very well have legitimate gripes with the government of the US, but as La Raza, the flags they are burning and flying up-side down below the Mexican flag do not speak for me.

I am not Mexican, I am not Latino and I am not Hispanic. I am an American of Cuban descent. And damned proud of it.


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