The average teenager

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

16 on 16....finally

and day begins...

7:00: blinded by the light...

7:30: as im running out the door i take a few gulps of coffee. mm-mm-good.

7:30: the wonderfully paved street of our neighboorhood..isnt is great..?

8:30: the first class of the day is a painful science class which consisted today of watching Lord of the Flies. great choice.

10:00: who DOESNT get bored...and its only the 2nd class of the day..

1:30: last class for the educational day and what are we doing? whatching a movie and relaxing. what a productive day.

2:30: my first manicure...aint they purdy?

3:30: i go to greet my grandfather after a hard day of movies at school. of course he's relaxing and playing cards...with only one shoe on? im sure its the new fashion trend in miami

4:30: i look at my beautiful dress (purchased by my godmother; thank you tia!) for a while contimplating getting dressed yet or not.

5:30: me and isa are ready to roll for confirmation. yeah we're gorgeous what? woohoo!

8:45: the grandparents and i manage to get a picture with the archbishop before he jets off. hes a real comedian.

9:00: yeppp. a classic picture with the pastor. why not?

9:30: who doesnt love baallooons???

10:00 and the jonathans were partners for a great game called...CRANIUM!

11:00: needless to say, we all got our butts handed to us by this dynamic duo. like mother like daughter?

11:30: at this point we've realized that we arent the only ones wanting some shut eye.

im sure this could have been a lot shorter if i had remembered on the 12th....


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