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Friday, May 26, 2006

for summer

schooooolllllssss out fo' summer!

yep. thats right kids. schools out. last painful day of teachers who dont care. my spanish teacher doesnt really know how much everything is weighted so everyone in our class finished off the year with a C. great.

seeing as i am the honorary magnet member (aka: they might as well consider me in magnet accroding to a certain group of persons) i was invited to the sophomore schools-out-lets-go-chill-out-before-everyone-goes-on-vacation get together. a trip to the sandwhich factory then to the movies to see x-men 3. yes well, i said no, because its so much better to see it with my pimo UNCLE! yep. we're going to see that sometime later this evening.

so the drafts of cubans are slowly arriving for vickys graduation. i think there is one more batch on its way and that completes it.

graduation? yeah..its tommorow morning and im supposed to sing. i probably wont be able to sing. vicky is graduating. im happy...and happy for her and the rest of my seniors. after tommorow they start their lives and i wish them the very bust of luck on their endeavors.

what am i not excited about? my sister is leaving me behind. best room mate. i suppose i can convince my parents in making a bed for the dog in my room.

no need to be sad of course, she's starting over at ga tech. making new friends.

we will, of course, always be gangstas..

i love you vicky


  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Vicky said…

    i heart you kid.

    good times next year. i'm predicting lots of drama performances at tech.

    < 3, vicky


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