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Saturday, May 13, 2006


i really havent been updating this thing because of my computer situation. yeah it blows...but i got a camera today so when my computer is fixed i'll start doing this 12 on 12 my family has so religously started doing.

i went to the band banquet on friday, and josh was announced drum major. im happy for him. and happy for our future children who will be musically talented and inept winkers ;)

the magnet banquet is this friday, which will be exciting. it has been requested of me by my friends to curl my hair and wear something called make-up? i have no idea....these crazy people. who wears make-up??

vicky and jonathan are dancing the night away. vicky at her senior prom and jonathan at his 8th grade dance. they both look incredible.

and me? yes well....i've resorted to a night of arm and hammer and harry potter. i can be crafty and clean all at the same time! technology these days is magnificent!


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