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Monday, June 12, 2006

12 on 12 on time!! 12 on 12 is on time....for once!

9:00: too early for me to think about anything

9:15: entered the office for a hard days work of laziness

9:45: i hear my stomach grumble and decided to make muffins! betty crocker jr

10:15: PJ was whinning (like usual) so i decided to play with him as I waited for breakfast to finish.

11:30: i decided to take a break from whatever laziness i was doing and kill my brother in ping pong. yes, i dominated.

11:45: when the ball was knocked off the table, i noticed this little fella under the table. we named him saul the salamander. he looked dead because he wasnt moving a whole lot.

11:45: my worthy opponent wanted a rematch. best out of 3. the final score? 2-1 me.

12:30: never again will all my clothes be clean at the same time. will until school starts up again. (in 7 weeks...)

1:30: a break from the fascinating life of laundry to watch Highschool Musical.

2:00: i got bored 30 minutes into it, so i decided to get my butt handed to me in risk by my ping pong opponent.

3:00: after that awful game...we played another, so i could hand jonathan his butt in monopoly...which i did.

7:30: the amazing dinner of macaroni and cheese!! yum. my food suppyl in college..


10:00 am

The phone would not stop ringing today. This phone call was from a nice lady at church asking me help at the blood drive next Sunday.

Not many exciting things occured today....


  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Christy said…

    thats actually supposed to be supply in the mac and cheese picture. im just too lazy to fix it.


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